In-progress Zelame!~

In-progress Zelame!~

I’ve been working on this baby a while and I thought I’d share it? Woo.



So, long story short, I got to meet some of my favourite voice actors ever today. I am emotionally exhausted like holy crap. Guh. But none of that matters because it was amazing!

So I met Veronica Taylor and Eric Stuart, got a photo, got their autographs, and went to their panel. I asked what their favourite aspects of the characters were in Slayers, and they talked about how Gourry was heroic kinda, and he would do his best to save Lina, despite all the screaming (he called them best friends aww) and how Amelia is so high-energy and all for peace and justice, and Veronica liked that. She also said Peace and Justice as Ash and Pikachu, use Thunderbolt! as Amelia.

Veronica, when I got a photo, she said she liked my shirt???!!! And I was like. Screaming internally. She liked my Zelagdis and Amelia shirt. “Did you make that?” “yES.” AH it was so awesome. We peace-signed together. So did Eric.

Jeremy Shada was short-lived but WHATEVS since you know, he’s busy, etc.

Also, shout out to Veronica for two reasons. One, at one point this girl met her and she started crying, and you know what Veronica did? She left her seat, went around and hugged her, and had a five-minute convo with her. Like, good on her. Awesome. And two, while other voice actors signed autographs for a half hour or whatever, she literally stuck around for, what I estimate, a good two hours. Maybe more, I left before I saw her finish. Like, what a legend. So awesome.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome day. I’m very tired.