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[I never finished this one, either.]

No matter who it is, the thought of having metal slapped on your teeth for months sounds less than appealing. Tansy Plaskett, of course, never had perfect teeth. She was plagued with an overbite, which had a habit of poking out of her mouth at different times, giving her the appearance of a confused rabbit. Obviously, they needed fixing.

So when she arrived at school on a Monday morning with a row of braces stretched across her mouth, she attracted some attention.

The people who always stood near the front of the gate were the first to notice. They watched her as she grinned a hello to them. Tansy was never one to be self-conscious, about her face especially. Besides, braces weren’t her enemy – they were a tool to fix her, so it was double the fun, as she put it.

It wasn’t long before she made her way to the library.

“Miss Lilac!” she called, earning a “shush” from two people. Lilac Vulbar looked up from her novel.

“Goodmorning, Ta-” she stopped short. “Well, it appears you got braces.”

“Yeah!” she pulled her lips apart with her hands to show them off.

“Those will fix your teeth for sure. How long will you have them?”

“The orthodontist lady said a year,” she released her mouth. “That’s only 52 weeks!”

“Indeed,” she patted the spot beside her.

“Oh, I can’t,” Tansy waved her hands. “I’m gonna go show-”

“Oh, him,” Lilac’s usual calm expression showed hints of distaste. “Well, have fun.”

With a final wave, Tansy skipped off. And promptly crashed into someone.

Both girls fell to the ground, landing on their behinds. They quickly reached to hold down their skirts by reflex, and sat up.

“Sorry ’bout that,” Tansy was quick to apologise.

“Yeah,” the other girl agreed. “You freakin’ will be.”

That didn’t seem like the usual response. It took Tansy a second to process exactly who was talking. It was her accent that gave her away, mostly.

Jeanne Lunastone grunted as she adjusted the patch covering her left eye. No one knew why she wore it. Anyone who asked was told something different.

“Acid flew into my eye during Science,” was one.

“I made a bird angry,” was another.

She wasn’t a very kind girl, either. Spat a lot, swore at teachers, and was generally just… angry. Tansy tried to stay out of her way most of the time. Whoops.

“It was an accident!” she quickly stood up. “Are you okay?”

She offered her a hand, which Jeanne quickly smacked away.

“Save it,” she stood up on her own. She was at least a head taller than Tansy. “I don’t have time for- braces?”

Tansy pointed at her mouth and nodded slowly. “Brand new. Getting them off in 51 weeks and six days.”

Photo Stimulus Story – Road Trip!

[I never did finish this one.]

It was January. Christmas had long since passed, and so had New Year’s, which left three young ladies without any events to look forward to, which instead forced them to either lay about and do nothing, OR, they could plan something for themselves.

And that was precisely what Tansy Plaskett chose to do.

Cartoons were fine, in her opinion. They provided hours of mindless entertainment, which was wonderful. But she wanted to do something. And not just any something. And not just any something. A special something. Something fun.

So after two phonecalls, she had effectively created a plan for the best day ever.

It took Lilac Vulbar exactly six minutes to arrive at Tansy’s place. She was the only one out of her friends who could actually drive, which was perfect for Tansy’s plan.

Lilac was perfectly content with spending her vacation reading and relaxing, two things she rarely got to do. Although, she was not objected to spending a fun day with her underclassman. She wasn’t sure what Tansy had in mind for her ‘fun day’, but she had sounded excited enough on the phone.

She knocked once before Tansy swung the door open, startling her.

“Where you waiting at the door?” Lilac asked, taking a moment to compose herself.

“Yes.” she said. “Did you see anyone else around?”

“Anyone else like who?” Lilac narrowed her eyes. If she had invited that no-good, annoying pest to come along, she was leaving.

“Miss Jeanne,” Tansy looked around as she spoke. “I invited her to come along.”

“The angry girl in the grade above you?”

“Aw, she’s only grumpy,” Tansy proceeded to grab Lilac’s wrist and drag her inside.

Tansy’s house was exactly how you would imagine it. The walls were a light pink, and were decorated with shelves that held flowers, porcelain animals, and pictures. The furniture was minimal – a coffee table with lace, and a few beanbags for contrast.

“I brought these,” Lilac addressed the container she held in her hands. “I baked cupcakes last night and I figured you would enjoy them.”

“Sweet!” Tansy took the container as she marveled at her unintentional pun.”Thanks!”

Lilac smiled as she nodded. She found her charming.Sometimes. She opened her mouth to reply, but she was rudely interrupted by a sharp series of knocks.

“That’s Miss Jeanne!” Tansy hurriedly put the container of cupcakes on her coffee table.

“Hey!” came a rough voice from the other side of the door. “Tin-teeth! I hear you in there, open up!”

Lilac cringed as Tansy grinned, galloping over to open the door.

Lilac wasn’t sure what she expected Jeanne to dress like, but she was mildly surprised. She wore a red T-Shirt that look a size or two too big, and long, black pants, decorated the pockets down the sides. The colours, Lilac noted, matched her hair and face quite well.

“You’re here!” Tansy twirled once, causing her skirt to twirl with her. “I’m glad you accepted my invitation.”

Jeanne leaned out the door and send a bullet of spit into the garden. “I was bored. My parents went out sailing today. Said they needed some -” she raised her arms and air-quoted, “alone time”.

Jeanne’s parents owned a boat club, and went out on their boats often, leaving Jeanne to her own devices.

“So I called at the right time!”

No Yelling!

Lilac enjoyed the library for its peace and tranquility. She was able to retreat to it after multiple periods of sitting in the middle of, what she would call, “Delinquent boys.” Yes, to sit on the incredibly comfortable seats and read a good book, nothing could be bett–


She jumped in her seat, launching her text book a few feet into the air. She grumbled as it landed beside her.


Tansy Plaskett was interrupted by about ten students and two librarians shushing her. Loudly. She ignored them as she ran over to the startled Lilac, grabbing her hands with an excited face. Lilac didn’t have time to respond.

“I’m going to be a cheerleader!” she exclaimed, as if it were the most important news in the world – which, to Tansy, it was.

“It’s gonna be great!” she continued. “I’ll get a uniform, and pom-poms, and a matching hair bow, and I’ll get to do what I do best!”

Lilac stared at her, taking a moment to glance at the angry on-lookers.

“Which is..?” she whispered.

Tansy stood up and placed her hands on her hips, puffing her chest out in pride.

“Encouraging people!”

Lilac picked up her book and dusted it off. ‘This should be interesting.’