Boku NO!

[Short story from Engish. bruh.]

Everyone has interests. And everyone knows that those with similar interests attract, right? That was Tansy’s thought process, anyway. So when she found out that ‘his’ interests were anime and manga, she knew what she had to do.

She wouldn’t tell him. It would be a surprise for Monday. Sunday night, after all her homework was completed, she’d do it.

She would watch one of the animes.

As she sat at her small, pink laptop, with popcorn in her lap, she realised she had no idea what the heck to watch. She’d seen Pokemon before, but that was about it. So she went to google, and typed ‘A good anime to watch’. She was taken to a forum site, where someone had asked the same question. The first reply was a long paragraph, detailing why she should watch an apparently well-known anime titled ‘Boku no Pico’.

Tansy figured it sounded good enough. If it was well-known, ‘he’ would have seen it. So she looked up the first episode and sat back.

The art was very cute. The little girl in the show had really big eyes, and seemed to have many close friends. Tansy smiled, she could get into this. But when the scene changed, she choked on her popcorn.

Things had gone from cute to just plain wrong. She watched with wide, horrified eyes.

“Why are they… b-but..” she stuttered, shaking her head. “Wait… that’s not a girl!”

She quickly escaped from the page and deleted any evidence that she had witnessed something so vile. She sat there for a few minutes, breathing heavily, trying to get that awful image out of her head.

“He’s… he’s into that kind of stuff?!”

Monday morning rolled around. Tansy had had little sleep that night. She walked wordlessly up to their lunch spot and stood in front of where he sat.

“So,” she said weakly. “I watched one of the animes.”

He corrected her incorrect use of “animes” before asking her why she looked so terrible. It didn’t take him long to work out what exactly had happened. After explaining to her why someone would recommend something so “awfully inappropriate”, he offered her a juice and a pat on the head.

She vowed never to look for recommendations and blindly follow them again. He gave her a list of some more… ‘friendly’ shows, which she gladly accepted. She didn’t get around to watching all of them, but the ones she did, she gladly talked with him about, just as she had wanted from the beginning.


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