Ooooold Art

Just look at those dates. Twelvie.

Nice face placement!   

I remember drawing this one at the end of Year 7, during Art. We were supposed to be listening but heck that, my anime drawings are too important!


I didn’t know about School-life Anime at this time but I vaguely knew something about it? I just remember thinking it would be cool to go to an ‘anime school’. I think that’s meant to be me. Hair is accurate for that time. Waistline? Not so much.


First Dawn was I wanted to draw her but I couldn’t remember her outfit exactly so I went from memory. nice. The second one I… apparently learned her exact outfit three days later? Actually I could still draw her lmao, I never forgot it.



I haven’t used these characters in ages. It makes me sad, too. I’m gonna try to reenter the Stardoll RP scene asap, right after Exam Block. Anywho, I was looking and cringing through my old sketchbooks and redrew a bunch of ’em.

Akira|Pokémon OC

Miyuka|Misc. OC

Maxie|Misc. OC

Grace|FMA OC

Datana|Manga Protag