i tried to draw a d ream

okay okay context: so my family was at this craptastic waterpark called ‘chucky cheeses’ (??) and we were trapped there until one of us four kids was able to go through the water course 1000 times without laughing. so my brother tried but he got distracted so i’m like ‘stuff this i’m gonna do it wait for me mum’ so at first i’m like where the heck is the entry. then i find out that it’s like, a trap for uncoordinated kids. because at the very bottom is a void that you’ll fall into (idek where you’ll go it’s probably hell sorry dream children).


so i managed to climb out:


but then i ran into this dude:


so i think i threw his pal down into the Void and he was so angry. he was your generic frickboy and his face was so puncheable.


“you don’t REALLY think i’m gonna let you get away with tha-”


see you space cowboy