merry halloween

…Tansy shook her head, hands clamped over her ears as her counterpart riled up, her voice cracking as she yelled to her friends.

“RUN! GET OUT!” she paused. “I love you ALL, GET OUT!”

The unloving warrior rose to his feet slowly, his irises help a sickly yellow glow but were hazy and seemed to drift aimlessly. His sword was ready, willing or not, he marched forward to those stood opposed to his Master. The dark-haired one was next, Tansy recalled that this was the only time she had seen him show even a sliver of emotion – it did nothing but stir her heart even more. He sent a barrage of fireballs at the undead Albur.

Albur crossed his arms, he watched the scene unfold from his seat on the floor, a scowl ripe with contempt was plastered on his face.

“Feh, no grace.” He quipped bitterly at the unwitting puppet of Magnista.

“Albie, I can’t deal with this,” she calls down to him, whether he could hear her or not she didn’t know. “I’m very loud.”


Albur cranes his neck to face the crystalline prison which held Tansy, his eyes were half-lidded as he stared back at her. “Ya think?!” he shouted back. “I hadn’t noticed!”

With light footing and a reckless disregard for his own well being, the risen swordman pressed through the swarm of fireballs. He pivoted and lurched and ducked as the flicker of flames flew at him, the reanimated corpse did all his body would allow to draw nearer to Fergil.

“Don’t yell at me!” she yells, a whine clear in her voice as she paused to sniffle. “Why were we separated NOW of all times?!”

The ghastly one of the pair threw up his hands. “I don’t know! I don’t even remember this, after dying everything went blank!”

“Well I can’t watch this again, Albie! I just-“ she pauses as her past self released another scream as another of her best friends departed. “I need you with me!”

Albur cringed, the sounds and sights cut him deep regardless of his attempts to block them out. The clashing of metal, the dripping of blood, and pained screams that echoed off each wall seemed to seep into his skull and rattle around within. He clapped his hands over his ears and rose to his feet.

“Just wait, it’ll be over, just…” he jumped. “Damn it! I can’t even fly anymore!”

“Just focus on something else,” she had her head between her legs now, hands clamped over her head. “The happy memories, something!” She turned her attention to her out of control self. “Hurry up and break out, you idiot!”

“You’re doing the best you can!” Albur bellowed back. His pained expression belied his true feelings as his back was turned to the gruesome events.

The once pristine blade was now well tarnished, splotches of crimson coated much of the steel. The wielder lacked any will, so he did not halt to tend to his weapon, he did not refrain to maintain his formerly diligent upkeep of his only true keepsake. The undead swordsman had taken many blows, some of his clothing was left to ash, and his flesh was torn in pieces, yet he could feel no fear or pain. All that stood before the servant of Magnista now was merely the lovers. His inhuman eyes locked on them both with an unblinking stare.

The pair of warriors stood panting, both using each other for emotional and physical support as they stared at the undead man. Past-Tansy went quiet. Laura’s eyes travelled from her dearly beloved to Albur, and back again. She had made a decision: it was her or him. With a labored grunt she shoved Yorick to the side and ran forward, hands poised in front of her as electricity crackled between her fingertips.

True to Albur’s word, her soul was hard at work trying to escape. Tansy felt her prison shake ever so slightly as the facets began to crack. She knew if she didn’t do something soon then all of their hard work would be for naught, and she wasn’t willing to let that happen. Maybe it was that determination that let her do the damage that she did.

“You’re doing fine,” she whispered. “Just a little more.”

The incantations spewed out hastily, the growing unease as the once roaring room was drawing quieter as the lives of Tansy’s friends faded one by one. Albur could only grimace as he heard one spell be cut short; he knew what had just transpired despite having his back turned. The gurgling rasp of a woman’s final utterance was heard throughout the room as all else had fallen silent.

“Yo..ri-“ the words perished alongside their speaker. The stillness and silence was short lived, shattered by a pained cry of spiteful rage renewed.

Maybe it was that last death that gave her the strength to shatter her bonds, but it was then that Tansy effectively released herself. She stumbled amongst the crystal shards, but her goal was clear. She zipped down to the undead man she once longed to call her friend, her soul’s manifestation hovered beside Albur.

“Stop this! Stop killing them!”

For the first time since rising once again, the unloving swordsman hesitated, he blinked.

Albur perked up. He lowered his hands to his sides and turned to eye his past self with a furrowed brow. “Come on…” he muttered.

Tansy of the present, however, fell to the ground. She groaned loudly, but she was able to open her eyes as she knew the worst was over. Her soul danced around him feverishly. “I don’t know what’s going on but this isn’t you, Albur! THIS ISN’T YOU SO STOP IT!”

Yorick slowed, his eyes narrowed and blade ready, but his adversary seemed unaware. “Face me! Don’t play stupid now, Monster!” he beckoned for Albur to attack. “Better yet, why don’t you stop hiding behind your braindead lackey, Witch!”

Magnista merely swatted a hand in his direction, uncaring. “A waste of my time, I assure you.~” she chimes out.

“Albur! ALBUR!” she screeched at him, and without warning she drew her hand back to slap him, but she halted. “Say something!”

He stared at the space she stood in for a time before opening his mouth and croaked out a meager but heartening sound. “Feh.”

She hadn’t expected that response, so she slapped him anyway, and her soul disappeared. Tansy almost had a heart attack before she remembered what was going on. The undead Albur clutched his head with one hand, through clenched teeth he rasped the only words that could come to his mind.

“You,” he gingerly lifted the tip of his sword to Magnista. “You die.” As his mind struggled for control over his own body Albur felt his spirit ebbing away, he knew his time was drawing to a close. “WITCH!” He rushed forth with not a second thought to his safety saving already accepted his own demise. With his body still clinging to the vile magic that gave him new life, he found himself stronger and faster than ever before.

Tansy’s soul would find herself in a warm place. It wasn’t uncomfortably hot, more like a comforting warmth that gave her a sense of hope. While there, she continued to do the job she held so dearly.

“You can do it! Keep going! Don’t give up!”

Tansy stood to her feet and made her way over to where Albur stood.

“How nice of you to join me.” He jested lightly, hoping to ease the thick air of dread and death. She nodded, busy watching the scene unfold. Keeping her eyes locked on the past Albur, she slowly turned her body to wrap her arms around the present-Albur’s body.

Albur cleared his throat, cutting through the short silence between himself and his affectionate associate. He accepted her embrace with some apprehension, but he felt a sensation of ease overtake that burdensome weight of dread. With a defeated sigh he turned to face her and drew her to his chest with his own arms, returning her hug tightly. “Don’t say I don’t keep my promises, hmph.” He joked, the somberness of his voice belied his true sorrow.

She held him close, and for the first time in ages she felt her shoulders slack after being so tense. The corners of her lips curled slightly inward, and she decided that she liked his hugs.

“I know. This feels nice, you were right.”